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African government and hospitality industry, there is a growing call for regulation of intercontinental hotels in South Africa and other parts of the world, especially in the United States. Last week, the South African Hotels Association (SAHAA), the country's largest hotel association, said the platform would include registered hotels in its business and pocket their profits.

The 70-year-old industry association called Airbnb a "massive problem" and said existing laws had not kept pace with the rapidly changing sector. Kenya's tourism sector, for example, said it has been working with Airbnb for years to make it easier to register properties on the platform, and will start reimbursing taxes in July.

The pressure from the hospitality industry comes as hotel chains across the continent are expanding, trying to bridge the shortage of first-class hotels and attract a growing number of tourists and business travelers. For African governments, the restrictions reflect the growing appetite of local and international travelers to use the platform in off-destinations - the beaten destinations that may not have established hotel branches. Airbnb itself has bought into the hotel sector, acquired the booking application HotelTonight and is preparing for an IPO.

The home-sharing website said it has paid more than $1 billion in taxes to local coffers and plans to improve its relationship with the government. The call to rein in Airbnb is also a reminder of the challenges facing governments in countries like South Africa, which accuse the disruptive service of flouting local regulations, in short, switching customers and avoiding taxes. Calls for the management of unregistered platforms also reflect demands on governments to maintain high tourism revenues, which account for a crucial part of the gross budget.

Africa's dominant television service, MultiChoice, blamed the multinational streaming service for losing 100,000 subscribers, while arguing that Netflix and Amazon could make big profits from low subscription fees because they were not subject to local rules and tax plans. South Africa's finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, and his government have also complained about Airbnb's growing influence, saying the platform has made the country's economy more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and the economic downturn.

We want to complement our hotel services and are considering ways to help the country collect taxes, "Hadi Moussa said.

The same is happening in Namibia, where regulators have instructed all accommodation establishments with two or more bedrooms to register with the Tourism Association. But it is unclear whether the new rules, once enshrined in law, would require private homes converted to Airbnb to carry the same signage. Last year, Spain limited the number of apartments that can be legally rented on the platform, and in January 2019 Airbnb began to provide information about hosts to the Spanish tax authorities. Ireland, Germany, France and India have taken similar steps, asking firms to share rental price data to help track down tax evaders.

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