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Hyatt Hotels Corp. (H.N.) is benefiting from robust economic growth in South Africa that is boosting demand for rooms, the company's regional vice president said Wednesday. Last year, a senior Radisson executive in Africa told Reuters that there would be 120 hotels by 2021.

Other major international hotel groups, including Radisson, Kempinski and Marriott, are estimated to have more than 1,000 hotels in Africa, the world's second-largest market. Hyatt currently has nine hotels across Africa, lagging behind AccorHotels (ACCP - PA), which has more than 100 hotels in Africa but has earmarked $1 billion for expansion on the continent. Chicago - Hyatt's hotels are headquartered in Senegal, Johannesburg, South Africa, where Hyatt Regency owns the luxury brand, Kenya and Tanzania, among others.

The Hyatt Hotel in Nairobi will have 233 rooms, some under the Hyatt Place brand for shorter stays and others for longer stays in the Hyatt style apartments. Its rival Radisson quickly expanded into Africa, with more than 100 hotels in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa.

Straub told Reuters at an event in Nairobi announcing the new Hyatt Hotel in Shshwane, the first of its kind in Africa: "Hyatt is ready to go where our customers want to go. Straub said the newest hotel would include a hotel, restaurants, bars, a spa and fitness center, as well as a conference center and office space.

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Hyatt Hotels is part of the international Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Group, which represents exclusive hotels worldwide. Located in Johannesburg, the hotel is the only one of its kind in South Africa and one of only a handful in the world. As someone who has been to this hotel before, what do you tell others about it and what have you experienced?

The lounge offers a rich breakfast buffet and drinks in the evening, as well as tea and coffee during the day. Guests staying in one of the luxurious Regency Club rooms can enjoy a full breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertainment while exploring the area. The standard rooms have twin beds, king and queen beds and offer separate showers, linens and other amenities for guests. Each guest has access to a private bathroom with separate sink, shower, toilet and toiletries.

The Phumula Spa combines touch therapies and spa treatments with South Africa's natural resources to create a peaceful and relaxing experience. The hotel's accommodation offers modern amenities for the day, creating a relaxing setting that provides an ideal setting for relaxation, relaxation and recreation. Guests who capture the spirit of modern Africa can enjoy the vibrant and colorful splendor of South Africa at Hyatt Johannesburg, convenient for both locals and international travelers, and stay in rooms of unparalleled luxury, comfort and space. All the facilities and services ensure that tourists can relax and enjoy their stay.

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More About TSHWANE

More About TSHWANE