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African government and hospitality industry, there is a growing call for regulation of hotels "use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. South Africa's hotel association said last week that these platforms are taking business away from registered hotels and detracting from their profits.

The same is happening in Namibia, where regulators have instructed all accommodation establishments with two or more bedrooms to register with the Tourism Association. Kenya's tourism sector, for example, says it has been working with Airbnb for years to make it easier to register properties on the platform where it began refunding taxes in July.

Deputy Tourism Minister Elizabeth Thabethe welcomed the opportunity to introduce young people to the hotel industry. The Department has teamed up with the Hilton Hotel's annual Career Exhibition to showcase career opportunities in tourism and hospitality. In her welcoming speech, Gert Venter said that the aim of the day was not only to provide younger people with information about the industry, but also to show them the opportunities available.

The Take a Girl Child to Work campaign is part of the Cell C initiative, which was launched in 2003. The campaign has been instrumental in promoting gender equality and empowering women in South Africa, particularly in the areas of education, health and social development.

Andy Cab Canopies has been producing fibreglass roofs in Cape Town for over 20 years according to international quality standards. The company is a rental - to - production based at PRICLOwas founded in 1975 and is located near Milnerton, Cape Town. Price in Africa canops, which also specializes in supplying the mining, transportation and construction industries as well as hotels, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Andy Cab offers all major Bakkie brands with custom roofs, from the best-selling Hilux canopies to the rugged Ford canopies. Bumper, bumper, rack and glass stand, to name a few, from "Bumper and windshield broken" to almost every backkie model in South Africa.

They are also used in 4x4 canopy systems and can be used on caravans as well as in a variety of other vehicles such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Camry and even the Ford Focus.

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The Canopy Hilton in Cape Town's Longkloof is due to open in 2022, with guests expected to be welcome in 2021. Airbnb itself is buying into the hotel sector with the acquisition of the booking application HotelTonight and is preparing for an IPO. Five years of Airbnb listings have brought in $247 million for South Africa, according to a report by the South African Tourism Authority (SATA).

The heart - the racing experience Cape Canopy consists of 11 stainless steel zip lines, the longest of which is 320 meters long. The tour itself consists of 7 ropes, which cover a total of 1,500 metres of altitude from the hotel to the top of the canopy.

It's certainly the best canopy in the world. I have already met a used canopy in Cape Town and I find it good to find a used canopy. It contributes a lot to the appearance of the Bakkie, but it also has a number of practical features, which were shown during our camping stay in December in the hinterland of the cape.

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More About TSHWANE

More About TSHWANE